1. Do I need to pay the sales tax?
>> No, there is no sales tax on our site
2. Why would I want to buy a replica watch instead of a real one?  
>> The reason why replica watches are so popular is because you can look classy and 
professional, yet not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars doing it. These 
watches look identical to the ones you will find at the jewellery store selling for 
prices most people would not be able to afford. There is no reason why these beautiful 
watches should only be limited to the rich, but to everyone who wants to add a touch of 
class to their life style.
3. When can I get the confirmation email?
>> Comfirmation email will be sent within 24 hours.
4. What about custom taxes and duties? Will I be invoiced any when ordering from you?
>> In most cases (But for the most part), you will not be invoiced any custom taxes or 
duties upon shipment delivery.
Indeed, we have all orders packed in small carton boxes, with the mention "gift, no 
value for customs".
Though, in marginal cases (we recorded 5 cases last year), a shipment can be applied 
custom taxes and duties.
Although we are not liable for those taxes and duties, we always offer our clients a 
partial compensation solution. Each situation is dealt with case by case by our 
customer service office.
5.What are the accepted payment methods?
>> We are currently accepting payments via Credit Cards. (Western Union) We prefer 
Western Union transfer, it is very fast, you can learn how to use it via, for our information for the transfer, please contact us. If you 
choose Western Union transfer payment term, our website will make 10% discount for you 
automatically at the original discount basis.
6.How do I can change my order or cancel my order?
>> When we received your payment, we will deal with your order within 2 days. So if you 
real want to change it or cancel it, we hope you can tell us within 1 days. Because if 
we ship it out , it is difficult to stop the parcel for you. So we hope you can 
7. Is my personal information shared?
>> No. Watchsir does not share, sell, or rent any personal data obtained through our 
website to other companies or anyone, nor will we sell or otherwise share any of your 
personal information with any third party without your permission or as may be required 
by law. We take every precaution to protect our users
8.When can I get the confirmation email?
>> Comfirmation email will be sent within 24 hours.